Equitable access to dignifying and safe opportunities for Dom women in Akkar – Lebanon

Project title :

Equitable access to dignifying and safe opportunities for Dom women in Akkar – Lebanon

Funded by the European union and Kirkayak Kultur


The war in Syria, has caused Dom communities to migrate to neighboring countries.

However, the Dom people who have taken refuge in countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey have faced with discrimination and exclusion.

The tumultuous political and social atmospheres in the Middle East and the ongoing conflicts have made the lives of these people more difficult with each passing day.

Dispossessed of their centuries-old migration areas, neighborhoods and homes, the Dom have once more been forced into a migratory way of life.

The Dom are often considered to be among the most disenfranchised communities in Lebanon,

In our target region in Akkar,  Dom tend to be isolated, living far away from other ethnic or national groups which leads to exacerbate the pressures of social and economic discrimination.

The most frequent form of work amongst women is cleaning, begging, fruit-picking, and peddling goods.

The main objective of the proposed interventions is to contribute to the economic self-reliance and resilience of Dom women in the Akkar Governorate, keeping them away from negative coping strategies

8 financial management / Food security / Vertical Agricultural trainings were implemented  with 80 women for 32 days

80 Dom Women beneficiaries were selected and trained.

Each training was constituted of 10 women and lasted for 4 days/month and for 6 hours/day and for 1 month.

women were trained on financial management trainings (FMT) and Food security that helped them have healthier food and better management of their houses

vertical agriculture techniques were also taught

they used these techniques in their tents to plant cucumber seeds that were distributed for their self-consumption

they also benefited from legal counseling conducted by a specialized lawyer who responded to all their legal concerns

Trainees received a monthly stipend of 40€ as participation stipend,

Hygiene kits were also distributed

They are  composed of tooth brush and tooth paste, a brush, a pack of hygiene/ sanitary pads and a nail scissors in a Tupperware box that can be used for food storage

Dom Women received a job counseling session to introduce them in the local market

Trained Dom women benefited from improved access to work opportunities especially in the agricultural sector in the region

The project was conducted in close collaboration with the “Shawish” of each camp, the person responsible for the Dom camp.

Changes were made although the period of training was very small

Women with special needs were encouraged to participate

Working with Doms will be one of our main causes at the Lebanese Developers NGOs






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